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Coconut soy wax candle with low-crackling wooden wick.


*Will return this Spring*


Relax + unwind with these sweet summer scents.



Your new favorite candle is luxurious and eco-friendly!


Our candles are handcrafted + blended with our all-natural coconut soy wax, organic coconut oil, natural fragrances, and organic essential oils.  

Relax + unwind while you fill your sanctuary with the aroma of your choice.


Please note these are handmade and the color or shape may vary.


Drop-in refills are available in the shop.


Matte Sepia Candle

Out of Stock
  • 90hrs of burn-time

    Scent: Coconut + Sandalwood
    Weight: 1.9 lbs
    Wax fill: 12 oz
    Pantone: 7527C
    Recyclable and Refillable

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